Getting in a car accident can cause a financial crisis. You may have to miss work due to your injuries. Missing work and not getting paid may ultimately take an even longer toll on your financial picture. If you are involved in a crash and are injured, your insurance or the at-fault driver’s insurance may kick in and pay your bills. The sooner you get in to see a doctor, the better for your health and claim.

Waiting May Delay Proper Treatment of Injuries

You may feel like the aches and pains you’re experiencing are temporary and will disappear with enough time. However, as the days go on, you may be finding it harder and harder to get out of bed, let alone fully function. When you do finally take yourself to the doctor, you may find that your injury was worse than thought and now requires correction or a harsher course of treatment. If you are fortunate enough to walk away from an accident, don’t take it as a sign that you are injury-free. You should still see a doctor, even if it is your family physician. There may be something more to what you are feeling.

Personal Injury Protection Timing Is Critical

If you live in a state with Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, the timing of your visit is critical. First off, PIP is an extension of your regular auto policy and affords additional funds to pay for medical treatment and care after an accident. However, if you do not visit a medical facility within 14 days of the accident, you may forfeit your right to that money. Additionally, PIP claims must be handled by a practitioner who understands how the process works and what paperwork to file. Therefore, you may have to go to the emergency room or a practitioner well-versed in handling auto accident claims. If you have retained a car accident attorney, they will likely have a clinic or doctor who can see you.

Missing the Deadline for Treatment

For one reason or another, you miss the two-week window to see a doctor and qualify for PIP. It may still possible for you to tap into those funds, but it may take much longer, and you may wind up out of pocket and waiting for reimbursement. This is not ideal, but an attorney may be able to get you some or all of that money back. It will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

A car accident can be scary and overwhelming for several reasons. Getting a car accident lawyer who can help you through the process may wind up working out for you and your future.