Weddings are wondrous events where you bring together your family and friends to celebrate the love that you share with another person. A well planned and executed wedding is magical, seamless, and fun for everyone involved. But what are the elements of a great wedding? Below is a list of elements that you should consider when planning for your big day. 


Where you have your wedding will set the tone for the day or weekend you have planned. When thinking about a venue you should take into consideration how people will be traveling to the location, the amount of parking you will need, and what other activities you want to do on your wedding weekend. For instance, if you know you want to spend the weekend with loved ones hanging out on the beach, you might want to select a venue that provides beach access. Or if you want to have access to good restaurants and a fun night scene, you might want to consider looking into a banquet hall can accommodate your needs. 


If well done, one of the things that you will remember for years to come is the food at your wedding. It is smart to sample several vendors’ food before making a decision. This can often help you find some cost savings or decide to spend a little more on food to go the extra mile. For example if you have two equally delicious caterer’s you can select the cheaper option and rest easy knowing the food will still be great. 


A wedding cake is unique to you as a couple. When selecting a cake, you will want to toe the line between something that looks great but is still edible. If you are waffling between which baker to select for your big day, you can always ask for references, which can help you narrow down the selection process. 


Photos will help you remember your wedding day forever. While it may be tempting to ask a friend or family member to take photos, it is better to hire a professional instead. A professional understands lighting, angles, and other important qualities of a good photo. They also can help you organize your friends and family so that you don’t spend an exorbitant amount of time taking shots. They will be able to select excellent settings at your venue and can hover in the background capturing all the special moments of your day.