Personal injury accidents happen in many types of environments, but when it happens at work, it can introduce a host of other problems. You will need to determine if the accident was a result of negligence committed by a co-worker or supervisor, report the accident to your employer, and see if you have grounds for a workers’ compensation claim. Accidents at work can happen for many reasons. Workers’ compensation lawyers often handle cases involving the following accident scenarios. 

Defective Devices 

When equipment and devices are defective, it can put workers at serious risk of suffering an injury. If a tool is not working as it should or was incorrectly assembled, it can injure a worker who is using it. If you have been injured because of a defective tool or malfunctioning equipment at your workplace, you are encouraged to talk to a lawyer and see if you have a valid workers’ compensation claim. You may be able to recover compensation that can pay the cost of your expenses. 

Falling Objects 

As an experienced workers compensation lawyer like one at Therman Law Offices, LTD can tell you, that falling objects are one of the most common hazards in work environments, such as construction sites and warehouses. However, workers in any environment can suffer injuries from falling objects. A heavy object atop a tall shelf can get knocked over or suddenly fall on a worker, causing head injuries.  

Chemical Exposure 

Exposure to dangerous chemicals and fumes can cause workers to develop debilitating illnesses. If a company does not put the proper safety policies in place and enforce them, workers can develop serious health issues like lung infections, vision loss, and other problems. 

Repetitive Motion 

Constant, repetitive motion stress can lead to complications and injuries like muscle strains and Carpal tunnel syndrome. Workers who do a lot of heavy lifting, pulling, pushing, and sedentary tasks on a computer can develop injuries from repetitive motion. You could qualify to receive workers’ compensation benefits if you have an eligible injury. 

If you are in search of a reputable lawyer who will be your legal advocate, do not wait to explore your options. There is limited time to prepare and submit a workers’ compensation claim. You must first understand the requirements and gather the materials you need, which can take a long time to complete. Schedule a consultation so that you can get the facts of your case.