Bus Accident Personal Injury Law

Bus Accident Lawyer

People all of the world use public transportation to get to work, to visit friends and family, to sight-see, to have fun, and to run errands. It’s something we rarely even stop to think about. We just get on a bus, zone out with a book or our phone, and enjoy the ride. However, if you have been hurt in a bus accident, you know first hand that what you are really doing when you step onboard. You are putting your life and well-being in someone else’s hands.

If a bus you were riding was involved in an accident and you were hurt, or if you were hurt some other way on a bus, you may want to consider filing a personal injury lawsuit to recover money damages for your injuries. The best way to determine if filing a personal injury lawsuit is right for you is to consult with a qualified and experienced attorney who specializes in transportation and bus accidents. In the meantime, however, consider these questions that may help you determine if filing a lawsuit is right for you.

  • Was there a traffic accident? If so, who was at fault? If you were hurt in a bus accident, who was at fault? Did the driver make a risky turn? Were they going over the posted speed limit? Did another driver on the road fail to yield the right of way? Did someone run a traffic light? Unless you did something to cause the accident, it is likely you will be able to file a claim against someone for negligently operating their vehicle.
  • If there wasn’t a traffic accident, what caused your injury? Traffic accidents are not the only way you can get hurt on a bus. If you were hurt because the bus was poorly maintained, you may also be able to file a personal injury lawsuit and recovery money damages from those who own or operate the bus. For example, perhaps you were injured due to a broken seat, handrail, or flooring that caused you to trip and fall. Perhaps the floor was wet, or there was a tripping hazard on the stairs.
  • Do you have evidence of your claim? Did you go to the emergency room after you got hurt? Did you go to see your family doctor in the days that followed? Are you suffering from your injury, but haven’t yet had the time or money to seek treatment? If you were injured, seek the medical attention that you need. Make sure to keep copies of all of your medical records, including receipts for doctor’s visit copays, prescription medication costs, and any time that you missed from work due to your injury. These documents will be evidence of your injury and can be an important part of making your claim.

If you have been injured on a bus and you think the questions and answers above mean that you may be able to successfully file a personal injury lawsuit against the bus driver, bus owner, or the third party who caused your injury during your ride, call a bus accident lawyer today to discuss your case.

Source: bus accident lawyer Greenbelt, MD, Cohen Lawyers.