Foreclosure Lawyer in Hartfood, CT

foreclosure lawyer in Hartford CT

Are you behind on your mortgage and are you worried about a foreclosure? There are rules that can help you. Do not give up hope, according to the consumer financial protection Bureau or the CFPB there are added protections against foreclosures in place by the end of 2021. If you have questions about what is available, talk to a foreclosure lawyer in Hartford CT like the ones at The Law Offices of Neil Crane, LLC. They will be able to give you more information.

According to the CFPB new roles that will go into effect on August 31 of this year, will generally prevent mortgage lenders from foreclosing on a home without contacting the homeowners first. This contact is going to be offering information for a lower interest rate or an opportunity to change loans in the hopes of making payments feasible for the homeowners. As to ensure that mortgage companies probably take care of homeowners that are exiting the temporary pandemic relief programs, keeping in mind that the existing foreclosure moratorium is in place for federally backed mortgages and will expire at the end of July 2021.

But what happens if my modification won’t work? If modification will not work for you, a foreclosure will move forward. This is also true if you do not respond to attempts to reach out to you to discuss modification of your mortgage. 

The CFPB wants to avoid foreclosing on people who just need modified mortgages or payment plans, however this is not going to be possible under every circumstance. Mortgage servicers may not be motivated to help borrowers, so for any questions reach out to a foreclosure lawyer in Hartford, CT. There are hundreds and thousands of foreclosures filed each month and oftentimes homeowners have no idea that they have rights in regards to foreclosures. 

If you are facing a foreclosure and you are uncertain of your options, you have to remember that the faster you create a strategy and get in touch with a foreclosure lawyer in Hartford, CT the quicker your foreclosure defense can be started. To many people facing foreclosure, foreclosure defense is going to be one way to stall a foreclosure and get more time to work out how to save their home. In some situations, all a family really needs is to get back on their feet and remain in their home. Time is also going to afford an opportunity for the homeowners to sell the property at short sale, a default or deed-in-lieu all are ways to save the home and prevent foreclosure from actually happening.

Talk to your lawyer about what is the best strategy for you and your family if your home is facing foreclosure, they will know best and will best be able to help you execute your plans and save your home.