tax audit lawyer in Baltimore, MD

If you have received a tax notification of an audit from the IRS, you may be going in a panic move. And not a frightening situation, but it is not going to do you any favors to panic you could be facing criminal charges, however a tax fraud lawyer in Baltimore, MD, such as the ones available at Crepeau Mourges can help you.

Investigations into tax but may lead to charges being brought by either the state or if federal levels, and depending on the amount and severity of the amount in question you may find yourself under investigation or in jail. 

Not all tax evasion, fraud, or similar are purposeful. Mistakes can happen, identities can be stolen and used against innocent people and sometimes IRS workers could be complicit to tax fraud without knowing .

If you are under investigation for tax fraud there is a fine line between avoiding income tax and completely evading tax law. Your tax fraud lawyer in Baltimore, MD can help you determine if you have been evading or avoiding. One is actually legal while the other is not.

Minimizing tax liability through legitimate deductions is a very common thing for taxpayers to do. However not filing tax returns when the federal minimum is not met is also well within a United States citizen’s rights. So with these actions, as well as filing for extensions or payment plans or legal parts of the American tax system and your tax fraud lawyer in Baltimore, MD will tell you this.

Evading tax liability by not filing returns, claiming residencies in states where one does not reside, making false claims or statements are all methods to evade paying taxes and are all illegal.

You might have some questions about the penalties for tax fraud, the mere act of providing false or fraudulent information on paperwork is punishable by imprisonment in the county jail for one year along with fines that were less than $20,000. While it is not common in some cases both the pine and the imprisonment will be assessed and ordered.

It becomes a federal charge in many scenarios, first of the intention was to defraud the government of money, secondly an individual could face an array of wire fraud, embezzlement and theft charges if they work in a government and alter or defaces or attempts to benefit from fraudulent tax documents.

Your tax fraud lawyer in Baltimore, MD is going to be able to walk you through all of the charges placed before you, and they will be able to look at and determine what triggered the investigation. To prove tax fraud the state and federal prosecutors must find information that the defendant knowingly and willingly provided false information to circumvent the tax system, the statement was purposely falsified, and the defendant knew the information they gave was fake.

Providing accidentally incorrect information and defrauding the government unintentionally is a common defense used by tax fraud lawyers in Baltimore, MD and while it is a harder defense to prove it is not impossible.