When you’re injured in an accident, your mind might start racing, wondering what you need to do. Should you move your car out of the way? Should you immediately inform your boss? You may remember some of the things you were taught throughout your life, but the rest might be a little foggy. Whether your injury was the result of a car accident or another situation, the following are four important phone calls you should make.

1. Call 911

If your injuries are severe, it might require a call to 911. This ensures the proper first responders are there to care for your injuries. If your accident was the result of a criminal activity, you’ll need the proper authorities to respond, assess, make a report and possibly make an arrest. If your injuries resulted from a car accident, it’s illegal in many areas to leave the scene until the police have assessed the situation and given you clearance to go.

2. Call Your Doctor

Injuries require immediate care if you want to be in the best of health. Even if you don’t think your injuries are life-threatening, it’s important you care for yourself before you do anything else. Proper medical care is also going to benefit your case when you go to file a claim or a lawsuit.

3. Call Your Attorney

When you’re involved in an accident that caused injuries, you want someone to legally represent you. Your attorney can help you deal with the insurance companies, can help you to collect the right evidence, and can ensure the right experts and witnesses will testify on your behalf. When it comes to legal terms and other things you don’t understand, you’ll have someone on your side to explain it to you.

4. Call Both Insurance Companies

You should call your insurance company just so they know you were involved in an accident. If it was a car accident, you should contact your auto insurer. If it was another type of incident, you may want to notify your health insurer, as they could place a lien on your settlement after paying for your injuries. You should also call the responsible individual’s insurance company to inform them a claim is coming.

Getting Started By Contacting Your Lawyer

When you need help after being injured in an accident, there are a handful of people you should always call. Get started today by contacting an abogado de lesiones personales in Canoga Park, CA, like from Unidos Legales, who can walk you through the entire process.