Choosing the right area for your real estate development project is critical. Unfortunately, a number of issues can arise that can result in multiple costly delays that threaten to derail the project. Complex regulations that can vary across different locations can be confusing and challenging to navigate without the help of an experienced real estate lawyer. If you are facing issues that involve land use and zoning regulations, a trusted and experienced real estate lawyer in Allentown, PA can provide you urgent help. 

What Are Common Issues That a Lawyer Handles?

Environmental regulations for real estate development vary widely by city, county and state. This can complicate the goals you set out to accomplish for your project. It takes a lot of planning and time to determine how your project can abide by regulations properly. Property owners who are planning to purchase land or real estate must make sure that their development plans are within the limits of regulations established on the state and federal level. Here are some issues related to land use and zoning that a lawyer assists clients with:

  • Subdivisions
  • Special use 
  • Variances
  • Environmental concerns
  • Land development
  • Project improvements

What a Lawyer Can Do For You 

Navigating obstacles within a large-scale construction or real estate project can come with many challenges for property owners and developers. Any issue, small or large, can negatively impact a project timeline. Consulting with a lawyer minimizes the risk and helps you prepare for any problems. With the support and legal guidance offered by a skilled lawyer, you can address and avoid any legal conflicts that may arise. As a trusted Allentown, PA real estate lawyer like one from Hoegen & Associates, P.C. can explain, a lawyer who has years of experience with cases that involve land use and zoning laws can also help their clients obtain the necessary permits and licenses to develop their purchased real estate without issue. They understand the requirements and system of laws, so they can guide you through every step in the process. 

Quality Legal Advice and Representation 

Before you get started on any land development, you must be aware of the laws that govern what you are allowed to do with your land. Legal assistance is highly recommended so that you do not run into any problems during your project. If you would like to know how a lawyer can help you with issues regarding land use, zoning, environmental concerns, or other legal matters, schedule a consultation today.